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Split CD between two goregrind legends !

“Haemorrhage play a brand of goregrind inspired heavily by Reek of Putrefaction and Symphonies of Sickness-era Carcass. While the band continues to worship at the altar of Steer, Walker and Owen, the three tracks featured on Morgue Metal also include have a strong Gruesome Stuff Relish-meets-Embalming Theatre vibe to them. The four remaining tracks are performed by Mexican death metal/goregrinders Disgorge, who are still going strong after 17 years. The material picks up where the criminally underrated Gore Blessed to the Worms left off, as the band shred, blast, rasp and gurgle their way through 13+ minutes of distorted death/gore. The production is more raw than a freshly butchered slab of beef, which gives the material an insanely demented sound. The most surprising aspect of their four tracks is the strong old school Swedish death metal influence evident throughout, making the Disgorge sound even more dynamic than before. If you’re a fan of goregrind, and/or demented death metal, Morgue Metal should be at the top of your wish list”

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