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HEARNOTHINGSEENOTHING is the webshop/distro subsection of DEAF DEATH HUSKY RECORDS, providing you with good records, and good readings.

Thanks to Nico / Lixiviat Records for the set up of this platform, hope you’ll enjoy it has we do.

Grind on.


VLAAR, first LP out now !

VLAAR's debut album is out now on Deaf Death Husky Records (among plenty of others) ! Total epic sensitive crust d-beat from the shithole of France, with members of Human Compost, Death Reign, Egohine and so on.      


Since the release of their debut album six years ago, grindcore unit WHORESNATION has established themselves as a household name in the european scene, playing more than 300 shows all over the world and releasing a string of shorter formats. Formed in 2009...